Will import of services without consideration be taxable under GST?

As a general principle, import of services without consideration will not be considered as supply under GST in terms of Section 7. However, import of services by a taxable person from a related person or from any of his other establishments outside India, in the course or furtherance of business, even without consideration will be … Read more

Are there any activities which are treated as neither a supply of goods nor a supply of services?

Yes. Schedule-III of the model GST law lists certain activities such as (i) services by an employee to the employer in the course of or in relation to his employment, (ii) services by any Court or Tribunal established under any law, (iii) functions performed by members of Parliament, State Legislatures, members of the local authorities, … Read more

What is a mixed supply?

Mixed Supply means two or more individual supplies of goods or services or any combination thereof, made in conjunction with each other by a taxable person for a single price where such supply does not constitute a composite supply. For example, a supply of package consisting of canned foods, sweets, chocolates, cakes, dry fruits, aerated … Read more