I am a manufacturer of readymade garments. If I send any inputs to the job worker, will it be treated as taxable supply under the GST Act? Can I supply the goods after completion of job work from the place of business of the job worker?

You can send your inputs or capital goods to a job-worker for job work without payment of tax and also bring back the same, after completion of job work, within one year or three years respectively.

You can also supply the inputs or capital goods from the place of business of the job worke subject to the condition condition that you have to declare the place of business of the job-worker as your additional place of business if the job-worker is not a registered person.

However, if the inputs or the capital goods, other than moulds and dies, jigs and fixtures or tools, which have been sent to the job-worker are not received back within the specified time period, it shall be deemed that you have supplied the inputs or capital goods on the day when you have sent it to the job-worker and you have to pay tax on such supply accordingly.