Advantages of GST to Citizens, Trade/Industry, Central/State Government


(i) Simpler tax system
(ii) Reduction in prices of goods and services due to elimination of cascading
(iii) Uniform prices throughout the country
(iv) Transparency in taxation system
(v) Increase in employment opportunities


(i) Reduction in multiplicity of taxes
(ii) Mitigation of cascading/double taxation
(iii) More efficient neutralization of taxes especially for exports
(iv) Development of common national market
(v) Simpler tax regime-fewer rates and exemptions

Central/State Governments:

(i) A unified common national market to boost Foreign Investment and “Make in India” campaign
(ii) Boost to export/manufacturing activity, generation of more employment, leading to reduced poverty and increased GDP growth
(iii) Improving the overall investment climate in the country which will benefit the development of states
(iv) Uniform SGST and IGST rates to reduce the incentive for tax evasion
(v) Reduction in compliance costs as no requirement of multiple record keeping