Andhra Pradesh (Andhra Area) Stamp Penalties Regulation,1831 Mobile

The Andhra Pradesh (Andhra Area) Stamp Penalties Regulation, 1831

Regulation No. 5 of 1831


[Dated 24.5.1831]

A Regulation to modify and amend the provisions in force for the recovery of the penalties prescribed for certain breaches of the stamp laws.

1 to 6 [Recital of inconvenience of recovery of certain fiscal penalties by civil suit only: Penalties to be recoverable by criminal Prosecution: Procedure to be adopted by Magistrates : mode of levying penalties : trial ex-parte revision by Courts of Circuit and Court of Fauzdari Adalat] Repealed by Madras Act II of 1869.]

7. First : – [Repeal of Regulation XIII of 1816, Section 19, Clause 2,] Repealed by Madras Act II of 1869.

Recovery of fine for filing document not written on prescribed stamp : – Second, whenever a petition, pleading or other document, which may not have been written on the prescribed stamp, shall be filed in any Court of Justice or in the office of any Collector or other public officer, or whenever it shall appear that a copy of any paper or proceeding shall have been furnished on paper not bearing the prescribed stamp, the Judge or Judges of the Court, the Collector or other public officer shall call upon the ministerial officer by whom such petition or other document was filed, or by whom such copy shall have been furnished, to show cause why the prescribed fine should not be imposed upon him; and on his failure to show good cause shall forthwith proceed in the ordinary manner to levy from him the penalty prescribed.

8. [Foregoing provisions not to be retrospective] Repealed by Madras Act II of 1869.